While studying for my Arts degree, I explored a number of different career paths, but none really seemed right for me.

After graduation, I found myself unsure of what I wanted to do, so I started working as an Administrative Assistant while I figured out my next steps. As it turned out, I had found my calling, and a natural companion to my Arts degree. Administration has allowed to me to channel my love for organization, systems and processes, and combine them with my love of helping people and making a difference in my community.

I found my true niche in working with organizations that are working to improve people’s lives: first, by working in the affordable housing sector, and now by working with Plasticity Labs, a company that helps to improve workplace well-being. I’m very fortunate to be working with an organization that is committed to supporting work-life balance, and offers a flexible schedule that allows me to take on volunteer roles.

As I considered the impact of my work over the years, I knew that I wanted to find more ways to give back to my community, and that I was really interested in getting more involved with the University of Waterloo. My time at Waterloo gave me so many of the skills I now apply in my professional life – critical thinking, communication, big-picture thinking, and so much more. I’ve also benefitted from continuing support through Career Services and Continuing Education, so I started to look for opportunities to give back to the University. I’ve had so much fun returning to campus for Alumni Black and Gold Day events, as well as welcoming new students to campus and helping to orient them to Waterloo Region and all that the region has to offer.

Katie Lewis smiles for a photo with King Warrior

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to further my connection to Waterloo by joining the executive of the new Waterloo Region Alumni Chapter. I jumped on the opportunity when I learned that I could help to steward the new chapter, and help to organize events that would appeal to the broad interests of the alumni who have made their homes in Waterloo Region. I’m so thrilled that we have a chapter of our own where we can recognize the many alumni who are doing such amazing work in the region, as well as provide opportunities for networking, learning and fun community building for our local alumni.

I’m looking forward to building a strong community of Waterloo Region alumni, and keeping us strongly connected to the University of Waterloo. I hope everyone will check out the chapter information on the Waterloo Alumni website, come out to our events and let us know what you’d like to see from us going forward. The Waterloo Region Alumni Chapter belongs to you, so make the most of it!

Katie Lewis (BA ’07) is a Faculty of Arts graduate. She works as the Business Manager for Plasticity Labs, where she supports the team as they work to help organizations to improve happiness and well-being.