This week, as many as 6,500 students will cross the stage in the Physical Activities Complex to receive their Waterloo degree. One undergraduate from each Faculty will be awarded an Alumni Gold Medal, which symbolizes not only the student’s accomplishments, but also the proud tradition of exploration and leadership to which all of our alumni belong.

Alumni Gold Medals have graced the convocation gowns of our top students since 1970. The Royal Canadian Mint has produced these medals in the past — but in the true spirit of Waterloo, we’ve decided to make them ourselves.

Watch the Alumni Gold Medal creation below.

Please join us as we celebrate this year’s Alumni Gold Medal recipients:

Mathuiri Sithganesan

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology 

Ben Crooks

Faculty of Environment

Bachelor of Environmental Studies, Planning


Mathuiri Sithganesan  

Ben Crooks  


Mia Yang

Faculty of Arts

Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management, Accounting and Financial Management

Sina Abbasi

Faculty of Mathematics

Bachelor of Mathematics, Pure Mathematics


Mia Yang

Alumni Gold Medal


Laura Marie Bingeman

Faculty of Engineering

Bachelor of Applied Science, Systems Design Engineering

Isaac De Vlugt

Faculty of Science

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Physics


Laura Bingeman

Alumni Gold Medal

Congratulations to all of our newest graduates! You have much to celebrate, and even more to anticipate in your future as Waterloo alumni.