During these weeks of self-isolation and physical distancing, it’s important to find positive moments in daily life.

As Waterloo alumni all over the world stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we asked them to share the small moments that bring them joy. From ice cream to video calls with family, we hope you find some comfort and inspiration in these messages from others in the UWaterloo community.

We’re all in this together.

What brings you joy during self-isolation?

"Connecting with family and checking in with my Dad, seeing my baby grandson in a video call and touching base with the best friends. It reminds me how strong our ties are!" — Pat Duguay (BA ’17)

"Having a spoonful of ice cream whenever I want." — Cindy Wu (BA ’15)

illustrated pin cushion and spool of thread


— Savannah Richardson (BSc ’19)


a jar of peanut butter beside a pretze

Peanut butter filled pretzel snacks!

— Elysia Gallinaro (BSc ’05)


"Cooking. Finding any opportunity to live my dream of being a Chopped participant." — Carlos Saavedra (MDEI ’15)

"Having lunch outside in the sun." —  Anne Lytle (current student) 

Trees with ribbons

“My happy came from joining residents and tying yellow ribbons for hope and blue for the caregivers around the trees at the Schlegel long term care home in the community I represent.” 

— Pat Saito (BA '69)

woman doing yoga

Reading and pilates!

— Samriti Mishra (BSc ’12)