Treaties Recognition Week

Treaties Recognition Week

Map of Ontario Treaties and agreements. Accessed from the Ontario Government website

2020 was first year the University of Waterloo officially participated in Treaties Recognition Week. To contribute to the broader goals of education, reflection, and action, the Office of Indigenous Relations is excited to host a series of virtual events and videos throughout this important week. Treaties Recognition Week 2022 is November 6-12.

These events and engagement opportunities are the start of what we hope will be ongoing learning about where we live and work, and the importance of treaty rights and relationships. 

First Nations were the original occupants of this land we now call Ontario. With goals of mutually beneficial advantages, the British Crown (government) and First Nations negotiated and signed treaties. Ontario is covered by 46 treaties and other agreements (see this infographic (PDF) for a quick overview).

In 2016 Ontario passed legislation proclaiming the first week of November as Treaties Recognition Week. This is part of the Ontario government’s work to rebuild trust and relationships with Treaty partners and First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples. This includes educating Ontarians about the role Treaties play in our lives and relationships today. The Indigenous Education Office in The Ministry of Colleges and Universities supports post-secondary institutions in recognizing the importance of this week.   

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Trick or Treaty?

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