Sunrise Ceremony

Our goals are intended to advance a strategic focus on the advocacy, commitments and actionable areas that will enable the University of Waterloo to strengthen Indigenous inclusion and leadership.

Major themes

  • Reconciliation
  • Research
  • Services and supports
  • Lands and Waters
  • Building community

Goal 1: Reconciliation

Transform institutional structures that exclude Indigenous worldviews, knowledges, histories, and Peoples at the University of Waterloo.


1.1 Benchmarks: Define benchmarks on the integration of Indigenous initiatives within research, education, and services offered by the University of Waterloo.
1.2 Governance: Create seats in the Senate and Board of Governors designated for Indigenous Peoples.
1.3 Administration: Increase Indigenous representation among faculty and staff at all levels.
1.4 Resources: Designate resources tosupport the work of indigenization.
1.5 Student recruitment: Attract Indigenous students through a robust recruitment strategy.
1.6 Collaborative strategies: Support each faculty, department and unit to develop and implement collaborative indigenization strategies.

Goal 2: Research

To advocate for Indigenous data sovereignty and to support Indigenous researchers, Indigenous research and community directed research.


2.1 Mentoring: Support growth for Indigenous researchers, with an emphasis on Indigenous student researchers and Indigenous early career researchers.
2.2 Guidance: Educate researchers about Indigenous research methodologies and practices, including Indigenous ethics, protocols of community engagement, Indigenous data sovereignty and other practices.
2.3 Assess: Evaluate the supports offered to Indigenous researchers at the University of Waterloo.
2.4 Nurture: Foster and continue building relationships with Indigenous community research partners.

Goal 3: Services and supports

To ensure that accessible and appropriate services and supports are available for Indigenous Peoples.


3.1 Service: Develop mutually beneficial, meaningful partnerships in key service areas on our campuses that improve accessibility, usability and inclusion for Indigenous Peoples.
3.2 Place Making: Create and promote physical spaces and Indigenous identifiers throughout our campuses.

Goal 4: Lands and Waters

To braid a connection to lands and waters through meaningful partnerships and relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities.


4.1 Urban: Strengthen University of Waterloo relationships with local Indigenous communities.
4.2 Haldimand Tract: Deepen the University of Waterloo relationship with the Six Nations of the Grand River and the Mississaugas of the Credit.
4.3 Widereaching: Develop partnerships throughout North America and globally.

Goal 5: Building community

To strengthen connections and create opportunities that engage Indigenous students, faculty, staff, alums, retirees and allies in developing enriching and inclusive experiences at the University of Waterloo.


5.1 Indigenous students: Connect students to Indigenous communities, cultures and to each other, as well as advocating for their success.
5.2 Education: Integrate Indigenous knowledge systems and pedagogies into the classroom, curriculum, and other teaching and learning opportunities for the campus community.
5.3 Campuscommunity:Support the Indigenous campus community by creating robust and sustainable networks.


Review and assess Indigenous initiatives across the campus community annually to ensure the achievement and progression of the stated goals and objectives of the University of Waterloo Indigenous Strategic Plan 2023-2028.

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