ERS 275 Indigenous Sustainability Entrepreneurship

Thursday, November 24, 2022
ERS 275 Flyer

ERS 275 Indigenous Sustainability Entrepreneurship: Winter Term

  • Sign up to join ERS 275 Indigenous Sustainability Entrepreneurship! This course consists of having an various Indigenous Entrepreneurs across different industries (beauty, fashion, agriculture, health & wellness, and more) come join our class each week to speaks to their entrepreneurial journeys, their connections to the environment, sustainability, and so much more! Readings and further learning materials focus on relevant topics from each week’s entrepreneur’s field/industry. Notably, our course will give students a unique opportunity to help our Indigenous Entrepreneur’s solve sustainability related issues/problems that they are currently facing. Offering students well rounded, deep learning that they can benefit from beyond the classroom! This course is has no prerequisites and is open to all students, of any faculty, of any year! Just reach out to Dr Leonard about course permission code to sign up to join today! For any questions or more information please contact Dr Leonard at