Treaties Recognition Week 2023

"The week beginning on the first Sunday in November in each year is proclaimed as Treaties Recognition Week."

 Ontario Bill 207, Treaties Recognition Week Act, 2016

Treaties Recognition Week 2023: November 5-11

Treaties Recognition Week honours the importance of treaties and is intended to promote educational opportunities surrounding treaty rights and relationships. Learning about our collective treaty rights and responsibilities, fosters greater understanding and nurtures relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

Treaties Recognition Week also represents one of many steps on the path of healing and reconciliation. This legislation was launched in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action, specifically Call to Action 10.vii.- Respecting and honouring Treaty relationships.  

To honor our responsibility, the Office of Indigenous Relations will be sharing a variety of educational resources and hosting insightful discussions and teachings.

Collage of treaty images

In-person and virtual events

Clayton Samuel King: 100 Years of the Williams Treaties

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2023 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM, EC5 1111

Clayton Samuel King, Potawatomi from Beausoleil, is an artist, educator, and orator. One of his areas of expertise and passion is the Williams treaties, which effect his home community. In this presentation, Clayton will discuss life before the treaties, 100 years of the Williams Treaties and their implications such as denied rights to hunting and fishing. Register today.

Learn more about Clayton Samuel King and his work, and explore the Williams Treaties.

Myeengun Henry: Spirit of the Treaties


In this presentation, Indigenous Knowledge Keeper Myeengun Henry guides attendees on an interactive journey back in time. He discusses how treaties and agreements were spiritually significant, emphasizing the intent and meaning Indigenous folks carried into these agreements. Register today.

Information and resources

  • Land Rights: A Global Solution for the Six Nations of the Grand River Booklet