Information Systems & Technology Annual Report

Other 2023 accomplishments

What has been done? What does this mean?  Which IST group led this project?
Quest migration to Oracle Cloud Successfully completed the move of Waterloo’s Student Information System to the Oracle Cloud. Information Systems (IS)
Building the Next WCMS project Continued progress on the WCMS 3 development project and site migrations. Over 2022, 13 updates of the WCMS 3 platform, enabling all FDSU (Faculty, Department, School Unit) sites to begin to migrate to WCMS 3, were released. By the end of 2022, ~200 sites had been migrated from WCMS 2 to 3, and 100 new WCMS 3 sites have been created. IS
GitHub Enterprise for Education In partnership with Microsoft, this new code repository offering will allow for the modernization of DevOps processes. IS
Central Stores shipping system

Implemented a new central shipping system with an enhanced user experience for the institution-wide shipping of parcels, letters, and goods in a cost-effective manner.

All new mobile apps for Portal

Launch of native apps for both iPhone and Android allow for a modernized user interface and improved responsiveness of the apps. 


Transition to new University benefits provider

Supported Human Resources with new data integrations in the transition to Green Shield, the new University’s benefits provider. IS
Atlassian improvement initiatives Implemented Assets, an asset tracking and management tool, and completed a usability review of Jira Service Management (JSM) to gather feedback from those currently using the platform to better understand how the system is used, how well it is working for business processes, and potential usability issues. Client Services (CS)
Microsoft 365 email migrations Completed migration of outstanding Connect and Mailservices email accounts to M365. CS, Technology Integrated Services (TIS)
Migration of Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint) Migrated videos from Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint). Disabled Stream (Classic) in October 2023.  CS
Mass Email Management investigation Completed a pilot of the selected mass email management platform, Upaknee. CS
IT Sustainability initiatives Initiated an IT Energy Optimization project, with the aim of outlining proposed IT Energy Optimization activities, their feasibility and suggested timelines for implementation; and developed Sustainable IT Procurement guidelines, which include in the software and hardware procurement process. CS
Quest migration to Cloud Set up virtual private network (VPN) from data centre to Oracle cloud to manage and support system back end and administration. TIS
Response to cybersecurity breach Rebuilt active directory and implemented security enhancements. TIS
SQL Server Cluster migration Migrated SQL Server Cluster from 2012r2 to 2019.  TIS
System and services upgrades
  • Upgrade of Exchange Mail Servers to 2019 
  • Upgrade of Active Directory data centres on campus 
  • Upgrade of SCOM Monitoring used on servers
  • Upgraded PaperCuts, Secret Service, Duo two-factor authentication, door software, camera service 
  • Made enhancements to the Teams Roster Sync and Teams Creation functionality
Infoblox replacement to Solid Server Replacement of Infoblox with SOLIDServer Efficient IP product. The current hardware is at the end of its life and support. The SOLIDServer Efficient IP system is aimed to be more cost effective, easier to use and provide increased performance. TIS
Network upgrades
  • Networks PCI environment refresh
  • Migrated wired 802.1x logins to ISE
CSCF data centre co-location Assisted in migration of CSCF data centre colocation. TIS
R: drive migration project Migration of Academic Support Unit departmental R: drive content to Teams and/or SharePoint Online nearly complete. CS, TIS
Migrating on-premises SharePoint sites to Microsoft 365

Completed migration of on-premises SharePoint sites to SharePoint Online.

Access control Completed migration of East Campus 2 (EC2) to new access control solution. Continuing migration with Architecture followed by Student Life Centre (SLC) and Physical Atheletics Complex (PAC). TIS
Classroom technology Classroom audio visual upgrades continue for blended and active learning, as well as regular rollover. Since last summer, over 100 projectors have been replaced in centrally supported classrooms.  Technology for an active learning classroom, PHYS 235, is being installed now with the goal of having it available for fall 2024 classes. Renovations and technology upgrades are now under way for MC2065 and MC 2066. Instructional Technologies and Media Services (ITMS)
Studio & Events The ITMS studio has been temporarily relocated to MC, after vacating EC5 space for Engineering.  ITMS
Event Support Support for Teams Live Event has transitioned to ITMS within the events team. ITMS
LEARN improvements A project has been initiated for infrastructure improvements to LEARN. The scope includes LEARN account creation, email from LEARN to external learners, technical email configuration, and a possible grades integration with Quest.  ITMS
Strategic initiatives Consultations for a teaching innovation incubator have been completed with a final report and recommendations submitted to the Provost for feedback. The digital learning strategy recommendations were positively received by Senate and accountability for implementation is with the Associate Vice President, Academic. The Evolution of the EdTech Ecosystem project deliverables align with the University’s 2020-2025 strategic plan and the IT Review. ITMS
Cybersecurity awareness training initiative ISS launched a survey to gather feedback from the campus IT community regarding the University’s information security posture. The results of this survey will help guide the planning, development, promotion, and delivery of new, possibly mandatory, security awareness training across campus. Information Security Services (ISS)
Incident response retainer Formed partnership with third-party cybersecurity company to support the University with incident response situations, as required. ISS
Enhancements to Infrastructure Vulnerability Management program Enhanced monitoring of campus network to proactively identify and collaborate with system administrators to resolve vulnerabilities. ISS
Security Audits Completed two security audits: Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment and Post-incident Review. ISS
IT Review wrap-up Completed the assessment, prioritization, and implementation (where feasible) of recommendations of the IT Review. All IST groups

IST projects and initiatives

Please visit the IST Projects page for a full list of projects or initiatives and their descriptions and status. This report includes work completed over the past year.

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