Undergraduate program

Requirements for the minor in Jewish Studies

Students must complete eight term courses. At least four will be Jewish Studies courses either on campus, or by distance education with the remaining courses chosen, in consultation with the Chair of the Program, from an approved list of related courses from interdisciplinary Arts departments.

Students registered in regular degree programs in any faculty may register for the option/minor. Students in non-degree or post-degree studies may be admitted to the diploma. For the option/minor or diploma, the cumulative average in these courses must be at least 65%.


Jewish Studies courses

To view the schedule of classes for undergraduate students available for the current term and the next term, please search the course offerings.

Interdisciplinary courses

The following courses from various departments are possible areas of study that a student may take for credit towards a Jewish Studies option (Arts), minor (other faculties), or diploma (post or non-degree):

Classical Studies courses

  • CLAS 210: History of Ancient Law (HIST 210/LS 235)
  • CLAS 325: Greek and Roman Religion (RS 315)

English courses

  • ENGL 202A: The Bible and Literature 1

History courses

  • HIST 223: The Holocaust in History
  • HIST 237: The Ancient Near East and Egypt (CLAS 237)
  • HIST 263: The Age of Revolution: Europe in the 19th Century
  • HIST 341: The Nazi Occupation of Europe

Philosophy courses

  • PHIL 230J: God and Philosophy
  • PHIL 380: History of Ancient Philosophy (CLAS 361)

Religious Studies courses

  • RS 110: Religions of the West
  • RS 121: Evil
  • RS 258: God
  • RS 260: Religion Matters
  • RS 284: Gender and the Great Religions (GSJ 261)