About Master of Taxation

Message from the director:

The University of Waterloo Master of Taxation program provides what we believe to be the highest quality and most comprehensive education forum for the development of tax professionals in Canada. The program delivers all of the professional level competencies required for a successful long-term career in taxation with expert faculty delivering a curriculum that is not only challenging but relevant in today’s ever changing society. Using a unique learning model as the foundational framework, the program has been designed to set our graduates apart.

Graduates have not only the academic and practical experience needed to succeed, but also the communication abilities, professionalism and know-how needed to embark on thriving careers in tax departments of the public accounting firms and law practices, corporate tax departments within industry and the income tax arena within the government sector. They are on their way to becoming tax experts in business structuring, policy, international affairs, estate planning, private company practices and risk management, all made possible by the unparalleled learning experience.

All classes take place in downtown Toronto, and students can tailor their studies to meet their unique circumstances by selecting either a full-time or part-time alternative. With the program designed to develop distinctive strengths and qualities second-to-none in the field of tax education, our graduates are ideally positioned for highly successful long-term careers in the tax community.

Deb Kraft
Master of Taxation
University of Waterloo

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