Students available

Update: 100% placement of all students for the Winter 2020 work term

MTax students available for practice terms:

MTax students are ready to interview for a September 2021 four-month practice term.

Students have sufficient knowledge to assist your tax group in the following areas:

  • Tax compliance & provision work.
  • Special project work including related tax research.
  • Dealing with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) auditors.

Students have a business degree from an undergraduate program in which they have achieved a high academic standard. Many have prior tax or accounting related work experience.

Before the September 2021 work term, they will have completed course work in the following:

  • Taxation of Corporations
  • Introduction to Business Structuring
  • Tax Policy
  • An Introduction to the Accounting for Income Taxes
  • Tax Planning for the Owner-Manager/Executive
  • Tax Risk Management (Accounting for income taxes/corporate governance)
  • Introduction to International Tax
  • Tax Research and Statutory Interpretation

Hiring a student provides you with an opportunity to hire a competent specialized tax professional upon graduation in May 2020 if desired.

The following link provides detailed information on the program; MTax brochure 2020 . If you have an interest or would like further information please contact:

If you are interested in hiring a student for his/her second work term starting September 2020 please contact:

Kevin McMahon

Business Development Officer


Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 32792

MTax graduates available for hire:

We also have MTax alumni who may be looking for full-time employment opportunities.

If you have an interest or would like further information please contact:

Deb Kraft

Director, Master of Taxation Program


Joyce Becker

MTax Graduate Coordinator

519-888-4567 ext. 37553