Course Schedules

Note: This is a sample course schedule, although subject to change.


Term 1 - September to December

Course code Course name Course instructor
TAX 619 Taxation of Corporations Steve BarichelloDeb Kraft, Dan Vance
TAX 620 Introduction to Business Structuring Steve Barichello, Dan Vance
TAX 616 Tax Research & Statutory Interpretation Hugh Chasmar
TAX 614                An Introduction to the Accounting for Income Taxes Ken Klassen

Work term - January to April

Term 2 - May to August

Course code Course name Course instructor
TAX 627 International Tax I Jasdeep Johal
TAX 625 Tax Policy Brian Arnold
TAX 628                Tax Planning for the Owner-Manager and Executive Steve Barichello, Ruth Cummings     
TAX 629 Tax Risk Management Andrew Oldham

Work term - September to December

Term 3 - January to April

Course code Course name Course instructor
TAX 637           International Tax II Jayme Yeung
TAX 638 Master's Research Paper Steve Fortin, Deb Kraft              
TAX 636          Estate & Retirement Planning Deb Kraft
TAX 626 Business Structuring Carolyn Hurst, David VanVoorst 


Part-time students complete two courses in each of six academic terms.  Current courses include:*

  • Taxation of Corporations
  • Intro to Business Structuring
  • Tax Policy
  • Tax Research and Statutory Interpretation
  • Intro to International Tax
  • Tax Accounting (Provisions)
  • Advanced Business Structuring
  • Estate and Retirement Planning
  • Advanced International Tax
  • Tax Planning for OwnerManager (Private Companies)
  • Tax Risk Management
  • Advanced Tax Research Paper

*Please note this is a general list, subject to change