Funding Council

Funding Council is the elected body that represents undergraduate students enrolled in Mathematics at the University of Waterloo to the Math Endowment Fund. 

Each term, members are elected from the on-campus student body to be either year representatives or program representatives. These members meet to decide the allocation of the Fund's income between the various proposals that are received. Meetings traditionally happen towards the end of the term, in order to give applicants plenty of time to submit a detailed proposal for funding.

If you would like to be a representative on Funding Council, you need to fill out a funding council nomination form and submit it to the executive director


Undergraduate representatives (3 per year)

Constituency Name
1st year Lan (Lisa) Wei
  Ngujen Vu
  Matthew Wang
2nd year Ethan McTavish
  Michelle Wang
  Julia Tu
3rd year Vishu Patel
  Thomas Cordua-von Specht
  Akshar Goyal
4th year Alina Sewani
  Emily Carson
  Cendikiawan Suryaoutmadja

Undergraduate representatives (2 per program)

Constituency Name
Actuarial Science/Statistics Candice Lee
Applied Mathematics (vacant)
Business Administration/Accounting Zixin(Molly) Lu
  Samantha Kaiser
Combinatorics & Optimization Garrett Hildebrandt
Computer Science Kevin Trieu
  Tiger Kong
Computing & Financial Management Keshav Chawla
Faculty Programs Cindy Yu
  Jalisa Karim
Financial Analysis and Risk Management (FARM) Uyen Tran
  Akam Pabla
Software Engineering Chen Chai
Pure Math (vacant)
Mathematics Catherine Dong
  Daniel Huab
Double Degree Zihui Qin
  Iris Gao
St. Jerome's University (vacant)

Alumni representatives (2)

Constituency Name
Alumni representatives Kevin Hare

Faculty representatives

Constituency Name
Actuarial Science/Statistics (vacant)
Applied Mathematics (vacant)
Business Administration/Accounting (vacant)
Combinatorics & Optimization (vacant)
Computer Science (vacant)
Computing & Financial Management (vacant)
Faculty Programs (vacant)
Financial Analysis and Risk Management (FARM) (vacant)
Software Engineering (vacant)
Pure Math (vacant)
St. Jerome's University (vacant)

The deadline to submit a Funding Council Nomination form for Fall 2019 is the October 11th at 11:59 PM ET.

Contact the Executive Director with any questions.

The currently elected Funding Council can be contacted at