Empowering co-op students to be bold.

Many Math co-op students aspire to walk a less conventional path. They look beyond traditional co-op opportunities to advance a cause by working for a non-profit, joining an early-stage startup, or launching a new venture. Yet, to turn their passion into a paycheck, these students may need a little extra support.

By supporting the Experiential Student Success Fund, you can redefine what’s possible for Math co-op students.

Sometimes you go onto the job portal and see something that looks fascinating, but you have tuition and living costs to pay for. As much as co-op isn’t primarily about the money, it’s still a real consideration.

Judy Lin (BCS ’21)

What is the Experiential Student Success Fund?

The Fund provides Math co-op students with financial support necessary to complete an unpaid, underpaid or flexible co-op term. It gives them the freedom to pursue less traditional co-op opportunities, whether that’s investing in a cause close to their hearts through working at a charitable organization, lending their talents to an early-stage startup, or launching a venture of their own.

Full-time undergraduate students enrolled in a Math co-op program are eligible to receive one of a limited number of awards, which will provide them with up to $3,000 of additional financial support. These awards include:

Student Awards

  • First Co-op Support award—Provides funding for first-term students to launch their professional journey.
  • Co-op for Social Good award—Catalyzes community impact by providing support for students to join a philanthropic mission. 
  • International Student Support awards—Helps international students, who comprise 40% of the student body, to complete a co-op term in Canada or abroad. 


The Fund also supports students with an entrepreneurial spirit by providing support to participate in several well-established programs:

  • Enterprise Co-op—Provides practical support and mentorship for students with the drive to turn an idea into a business.
  • Bridging Entrepreneurs to Students (BETS) Specialized Co-op Program—Gives students an opportunity to contribute their skills to an early-stage startup and learn the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship in the process.

Space for innovation

The Fund also provides the flexibility to support innovative new programs and initiatives in the Faculty of Mathematics as they arise.

 "We envision this fund as a prominent source of funding for math co-op students, one that will create infinite possibilities and blaze a trail for generations to come."

Co-op by the Numbers 

icon of people teleconferencing75%+Math students are in co-op
pink hands shaking#1in Canada for employer-student connections
pink brain and gear outline#1in Canada for experiential learning

“The impact of early work experience can last a lifetime. We were motivated to give to the Fund in order to level the playing field for students so that they can advance their careers while still supporting themselves. For us, it’s all about equity and opportunity."

Bill Reeves (BMath ’74) & Ricki Blau