How do I change my password?

Go to login with your credentials and there is an option to change your password. Don't forget that the password needs to be 8 characters minimum and have uppercase, lower case, a number and a special charater.

When you change the password here it will automatically change in all the rest of the University services such as learn, quest, workday.

Don't forget to change the password on your email, eduroam and if you have save your password in your browser you will need to update this ones too.

 If I have a new research assistant, temporary employee is the email address created automatically?

No, in order to get a email address you need to fill out the following form: Make sure that this person has already been assing a userd id either by HR or in workday.

I have a new visitor scholar coming to campus for a certain amount of time. What do I do to create an account for him?