How to keep your devices secure

Cloud with a network security and devices around it

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering is committed to the security and safety of all the data storage and computers that are own by the department and Faculty; and we worked in conjunction with IST Security to make sure all the computers are up to date and the security policies are in place when we work with highly confidential data from Companies that do research with us.

Here are some of the Secure Controls we have in place at MME:

Electronic access control

Installation of electric strikes, readers and controllers providing controlled access. Access can be based on fob/card and/or time of day schedule.

Endpoint protection

  1. Managed workstations

    University of Waterloo owned, managed computer received security updates and for Faculty and Staff we provide Malwarebytes as a protection against adware, malware and malicious website that in conjunction with Windows Defender (antivirus) gives ample protection to the PC.
  2. Non-managed or personal workstations

    Review the list of recommended alternatives if you require anti-virus or malware protection for a University of Waterloo owned, or personal, non-managed computer.

TLS/SSL certificate management

IST issues Globalsign TLS host certificates, personal, and code-signing certificates for University-hosted systems. TLS certificates are used to secure communications between web servers and clients. It is recommended that web services be TLS by default, and that requests for http resources be redirected to https.

MME IT have all the SSL/TLS certificates to all the web based applications as well as the Network Attached Storage (NAS) that we owned.

Vulnerability scanning

MME IT perform vulnerability scans of your network segment to help identify hosts offering vulnerable network services.

Scans routinely look for vulnerable network-accessible services, and can also be performed upon request.

Data and system protection

 MME IT team can help faculty, staff and students with various ways to plan for and protect against data loss. Whether you have an existing office or lab system or you are configuring a new computer designated for a specific purpose, the information technology staff can recommend an option based on intended use.

Please keep in mind that it is good practice to ensure your data is protected and stored in more than one location. As such, an ideal solution could require more than one solution. Please contact the information technology team if you require further advice or would like assistance implementing a solution.

With Office 365 the students, staff and Faculty have the OneDrive option which gives you 5TB of data storage free for as long as you are part of the University. Set up your OneDrive