Voicemail User Guide

Via telephone

  1. Dial 70000 if on campus, or 519-888-4966 from off campus, or press message button (envelope icon) on personal desk phone
  2. When you hear the initial greeting, press #
  3. When prompted, enter your mailbox number, and do not press # afterwards
    1. If logging in using the message icon on your personal desk phone, you do not need to enter your mailbox number (i.e. extension); move to step 4
  4. Then enter your mailbox password (or PIN) when prompted and press #
  5. Once you have logged in to your mailbox, all existing mailbox commands used in CallPilot are the same in OfficeLinx

Via the web interface

Please note:  The web interface can be accessed from both on campus and off campus* (*requires VPN connection)
  1. Browse to https://ts-officelinx6.private.uwaterloo.ca
  2. In the username field, enter your extension number
  3. Enter your application password (different than your phone access PIN) and Sign in
callpilot user guide


  1. Voicemail and web app password reset
  2. OfficeLinx voicemail email notification
  3. Log on
  4. Log off
  5. Change password
  6. Personal verification
  7. To record or change mailbox greeting
  8. Playing your messages
  9. Compose a message
  10. Reply or forward a message
  1. Bypass greeting
  2. Tagging messages
  3. Personal distribution list
  4. Alternative log on
  5. The help service
  6. Thru-dial
  7. Call sender
  8. Express messaging
  9. Express messaging - transfer