Committee on Student Mental Health

The Committee on Student Mental Health (CoSMH) has been established to develop and implement a plan to translate the PAC-SMH report’s recommendations into specific actions consistent with the intent and purpose of each recommendation. It will also have an on-going role to ensure the long-term continuity of the changes arising from that report in the life of the University. The committee will include stakeholders from across campus, as well as external partners, to support mobilization of the report’s recommendations into all aspects of the University of Waterloo’s culture, functions and activities. 

The Committee on Student Mental Health will:

  • develop an implementation plan for enacting the report’s recommendations by:
    • prioritizing the recommendations to identify those that should be implemented in the short, medium and long term;
    • identifying key stakeholders to be engaged and resources required to support working groups to implement each recommendation;
    • providing advice to working groups and monitor the implementation process for each recommendation with regard to the agreed timelines for achieving milestones;
    • monitoring risks to implementation and providing recommendations to reduce, manage or mitigate those risks;
  • develop a long-term strategy for integration of the work of the Committee into the on-going culture, functions and activities of the University.

If you have reached this page because you are seeking mental health support, please go to the Counselling Services website.

  1. Mar. 31, 2021CoSMH update - March 2021

    As of March 2021, implementation of 86% of the recommendations from the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Mental Health report has been completed. Work is currently underway on the remaining 14% (5) of the recommendations, which the Committee on Student Mental Health (CoSMH) aims to address by the end of April 2021. CoSMH hosted the University of Waterloo’s inaugural Virtual Conference on Student Mental Health Research in November 2020, during Thrive Week.

  2. Oct. 9, 2020CoSMH update - October 2020

    The Committee on Student Mental Health will host the University of Waterloo's inaugural Virtual Conference on Student Mental Health Research on November 5th, 2020, as part of Thrive Week. The goal of this event is to bring together members of the Waterloo community to share knowledge, connect researchers, and promote mental wellness through 10-minute oral presentations and pre-recorded poster presentations. Topics broadly pertaining to student mental health will be explored with an emphasis on the following key themes:

  3. Jan. 28, 2020CoSMH update - January 2020

    The Committee on Student Mental Health (CoSMH) began the new year with a full agenda, with robust discussion about recommendations 12, 25, and 29.

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