PhD Student
Amer KeblawiI'm a PhD student at the University of Waterloo.
My research involves developing acausal models for engine air path components.


  • Dynamical systems modeling
    • Thermal Fluids Acausal Models
    • Real Time Models
    • Engine Air Path Models
  • Fluid Mechanics
    • Quasi-One Dimensional Transient Compressible Flow with Heat Transfer
  • System Topology Models
    • Linear Graph Theoretic Approach



• One dimensional compressible flow models for duct systems with area change, and friction and heat transfer effects
• Real time thermal fluid components models including spatial variation
• Acausal models suitable for simulating flows in all directions
• Developing models of engine manifolds, catalytic converter, throttle, and cooler


• Real time models for HVAC components (cooling coils, ducts)
• Lumped (0D) models for chillers, pumps, and fans
• Modelled a Chilled Ceiling Displacement Ventilation (CC/DV) system and conditioned space
• Utilized Global Optimization algorithms (with a focus on Genetic Algorithms) for state optimization


• CFD simulations for Chilled Ceiling Displacement Ventilation (CC/DV) conditioned space
• Experimental validation for simulations
• PID control of CC/DV conditioned spaces

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