Research Engineer

Chris ShumI’m currently working in an engineering/application support role for the Motion Research Group (MORG) and the Smart and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Systems (SHEVS) lab.

Research Interests

My interests lie in how to effectively utilize a variety of data sources, both onboard and offboard, to improve automotive performance and efficiency. Specifically, integration of new sensor technologies, data streams, and analysis methods into traditional powertrain control architectures. My work primarily involves implementing and operating data acquisition systems on our project vehicle fleet, developing proof-of-concept software tools and prototypes, and refining our group’s Model-based Design workflow.

Research Activities

• Characterising vehicle communication and control networks on a 2013 Toyota RAV4 EV/2015 Toyota Prius PHV to enable collection of powertrain operating data
• Instrumenting project vehicles with a comprehensive vehicle dynamics data acquisition system
• Developing prototype control module to interface between offboard data sources and vehicle powertrain controllers
• Development of driving/traffic simulations for HIL test environment

University of Waterloo
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