Trajekt Sports partners with National Recruiters for Sport

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Trajekt SportsPhotograph - Rowan Ferrabee (left) CTO of Trajekt Sports, and Joe John (right) Owner of Guycan Machine Works.

Trajekt Sports, an engineering spin-off associated with the Motion Research Group, has officially partnered with the National Recruiters for Sport (NRS). NRS is considered Canada's top NCAA baseball recruitment service, offering pathways and development of collegiate athletes to professional sport, specifically Major League Baseball (MLB). The NRS Institute will be the official home of Trajekt Sports, and the only baseball facility in North America with access to their revolutionary pitching machine (see photograph). Founded by recent Waterloo Engineering graduates Joshua Pope and Rowan Ferrabee, Trajekt Sports leverages the latest advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence, and baseball aerodynamics to optimize athlete training and performance. Their newly developed “PitchPro™️” pitching machine uses robotics technology to precisely replicate the pitching mechanics of existing and theoretical pitchers (from youth to professional sport), therein enabling highly realistic batting practice. MLB teams can use Trajekt Sports PitchPro™️ pitching machine to improve batter performance, vindicate scouting prospects, and design and experimentally test new pitching techniques. MLB team demonstrations are currently scheduled for Fall 2020.  

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