Keaton Inkol

PhD Student

Doctoral student at the University of Waterloo.

Research Interests

  • Biomechanical modelling (e.g. multibody dynamics)
  • Predictive simulations and optimal control
  • Human motor control (balance/postural control)
  • Sports engineering


  • MSc, Human Health and Nutritional Sciences (Biomechanics), University of Guelph (2018)
  • BSc, Human Kinetics, University of Guelph (2016)

Previous Research


  • Approximated the feasible stability region (centre of mass position-velocity region) for a torque-driven model of frontal plane counterbalance postural strategies via predictive simulations.
  • Evaluated fidelity of simplified anthropometric model variants for estimation of whole-body centre of mass kinematics during balance recovery. 


  • Investigated the effect of repeated exposure to support-surface perturbations mimicking controlled slipping during walking on the kinematics of balance recovery. 
University of Waterloo