MASc student

Sara GreenbergMy research is about kinematic modelling and tracking the human body. I am most interested in markerless tracking using computer vision techniques, and I am a member of both the Motion Research Group and the Vision and Image Processing Lab at UWaterloo.


Fields Applications
Computer vision Rehabilitation systems
Monte Carlo methods  Sports engineering
Kinematic modelling Performance arts
Markerless tracking  



  • Point cloud Texture-Illumination Guided Global Energy Response (TIGGER) for object saliency 
  • Human pose estimation using a multi-rigid-body model via Iterative Closest Point (ICP) registration
  • Quasi-Monte Carlo methods for point cloud sampling  
  • Applications of research to performance art 


  • Colour-based gesture recognition for American Sign Language via Hidden Markov Models

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List of my publications on Vision and Image Processing website.

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