William McNally

PhD student

William McNallyI research golf, play varsity golf, and drive a VW Golf.


Methods Applications
Dynamic systems modeling Human motor control
Multibody dynamics Sports Engineering
Finite-element simulation Equipment Design


My research investigates the interaction between golfers and their equipment using a three-dimensional dynamic model of the golf swing. The model has four main components, each representing a different physical aspect of the golf swing: (1) the biomechanics of the golfer, (2) the deflection of the shaft, (3) the impact between the clubhead and the ball, and (4) the ball flight. The four components are integrated using engineering software to create an accurate representation of a real golf swing.

As a computer model, the project inherently allows for the optimization of its components, with the optimization criterion being maximum carry distance with minimal deviation from the center of the fairway. For example, the model has the potential to uncover an optimal swing for a given club, or an optimal club for a given swing. 

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