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  1. Dec. 12, 2018Inability to perform basic activities delays mental health patients’ discharge

    Mental health patients who have difficulty performing daily living tasks are four times more likely to experience discharge delays than someone who can perform those tasks independently. 

    In a recent study, researchers from the University of Waterloo found patients who had not been able to maintain or learn skills such as taking medication, preparing meals, or arranging transportation experienced discharge delays of more than 30 days.

  2. Dec. 12, 2018Artificial Intelligence being used to develop drugs even faster and cheaper

    The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is making it possible to discover new drugs faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.

    Chemists at the University of Waterloo have introduced AI to interpret the results acquired by the differential mobility spectrometry (DMS) technique to predict drug properties. This could reduce in principle the time between concept and coming to market of new drugs by years and decrease production costs by $100s of millions.

  3. Dec. 6, 2018Drawing is better than writing for memory retention

    Older adults who take up drawing could enhance their memory, according to a new study.

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