President Hamdullahpur congratulating a new graduate.

This fall marks University of Waterloo’s 105th convocation. Convocation is an opportunity for members of the University and guests to gather and celebrate the achievements of our graduates, as well as the accomplishments of those receiving honorary degrees and awards.  Honorary degrees are awarded to those who have been designated by the Senate (the university’s governing body) as deserving a special honor.

Waterloo’s tradition of convocation has a history dating back 700 years to the Middle Ages, when monks were considered the scholars of society.  The hoods and gowns which make up the academic regalia at convocation today represent the hoods and cloaks worn by the monk scholars of the past.  The hoods are decorated with colors and designs to identify the program of study or degree from which the student graduates, and each color/design is university specific.  

During the 105th convocation, over 1170 undergraduate, 660 master’s and 109 doctoral degrees will be awarded.  Convocation ceremonies are organized by faculty and will take place over two days, Friday October 19 and Saturday October 20.  Students from the Faculties of Applied Health Sciences and Science will graduate at 10am on Friday followed by the 2:30pm ceremony for the Faculties of Environment and Mathematics.  The Faculty of Arts is scheduled for the 10am convocation on Saturday, with the Faculty of Engineering convocation to follow, at 2:30pm.

For detailed information about convocation ceremonies (directions, parking, seating, robe rental, etc.) graduates and their guests may refer to the convocation website.

Join us to celebrate the tradition of convocation at Waterloo!