Receiving financial support can make a big difference to students who are finding it hard to make ends meet.

Over the years, Husky TechnologiesTM (formerly known as Husky Injection Molding Systems) has helped Waterloo Engineering undergraduates experiencing financial difficulty through its Student Opportunity Fund.

Launched in 1999, the fund’s several awards of up to $2,000 each have been presented to over 100 students enrolled in one of the Faculty’s 13 undergraduate programs.

Helping students feel rewarded for hard work

Maria Rojas, who graduated from chemical engineering last year, was a recipient of an award through Husky’s fund in 2019.

In a written thank you to the company, she said the financial assistance reduced the burden and constant worry associated with paying tuition and multiple bills while in school.  With Husky helping to decrease her student debt accumulated during an in-class semester, she was able to graduate owing less money.

“Awards like this enable students to achieve greater potential and feel rewarded for their hard work, which has lots of positive impacts on students and society as a whole,” she said.

In the description of its Student Opportunity Fund, Husky said preference is given to individuals who have demonstrated leadership in extracurricular activities either at the University or in the community.

Rojas had no difficulty meeting that criterion.

As an undergraduate student, she served as an Engineering Orientation leader, the director of internal events for the Chemical Engineering Society and the representative of the Waterloo Engineering Endowment Fund (WEEF) for the Chemical Engineering Class of 2021.

Donations program part of culture and values

Stacie Kordts, vice president of human resources for Husky, said the company’s charitable donations program is an important part of its culture and values. 

“We believe in the importance of helping to create opportunities for students and others in the communities within which we live and work,” she said.

Kordts described the University of Waterloo as a strong producer of engineers who have valuable hands-on experience gained in the classroom and on co-op work terms.

 “It really provides an excellent pool of potential future top talent for our company,” she said.

Throughout the years, Husky has hired dozens of Waterloo co-op students and graduates.  There are currently 43 Waterloo Engineering alumni employed by the company.

Grateful for support

Stephanie Smith, a Waterloo Engineering development officer, said Husky has been “an incredible partner” to the Faculty.

“We are grateful for Husky’s long-standing support of our engineers and their continued success not just through the company’s award, but by hiring our co-op students and recent graduates as well,” Smith said.