Sue GoodingDuring a four-decade career in which she worked her way up from parking attendant to an invaluable member of the administrative leadership team, Sue Gooding had an impressive impact on Waterloo Engineering.

Gooding, who passed away in July 2021 and was celebrated at a special event late last year, capped her career by overseeing the design and construction of Engineering’s three newest buildings, now the envy of engineering faculties across Canada.

“Sue had a unique ability always to see the bigger picture while carefully managing hundreds of tiny details throughout the design and construction of buildings E5, E6 and E7,” says Dr. Mary Wells, dean of Waterloo Engineering.

“Her collective work over four-plus decades made the University of Waterloo and the Faculty of Engineering stronger. She was exceptional, and we miss her skill and enthusiasm every day.”

In recognition of her contributions, and in collaboration with the Gooding family, the Faculty honoured her legacy with a commemorative plaque that hangs on the wall beside a study alcove Engineering 5’s second floor.

Reflecting on her legacy

Gooding spent most of her career as a vital member of the Dean’s Office team. In 2005, she became Operations Manager and subsequently Manager, Facilities and Space, the role in which she oversaw the Engineering 5, 6 and 7 projects.

Dr. Adel Sedra, professor emeritus and former dean of engineering, noted that Gooding’s impact also extended far beyond her role in space and facilities, as she often gave her time and talent to support human resources, events and student-run projects and initiatives.

“Sue’s gift was that she was the ultimate problem-solver,” says Sedra, who worked with Gooding for nearly nine years. “If she didn’t have the answer to your question, she would make it her mission to find it for you by the end of the day.

“She was a wonderful colleague and a trusted friend, and I miss her very much.”