Sports have always played an integral role in bringing a community together. From standing in the crowd and cheering on our varsity teams to celebrating athletic milestones, Waterloo strives to find a space for everyone — all students, faculties, staff and the wider Waterloo community.

Although we cannot be together to celebrate in-person in June with students and their family members, we will hold convocation ceremonies once it is safe to do so. They can choose to come and celebrate with us then. Waterloo strives to maintain that sense of belonging and showing our pride in celebrating our graduands.

We invited three graduating Waterloo Warriors to share a few words of wisdom to incoming students who will be joining us for the first time in the upcoming fall term. Each of these students have been competing in different Varsity teams across campus. Where they showed a lot of integrity, perseverance, and passion for both in their athletic career and their undergraduate studies. Graduands can expect to reflect back on their own experiences as well.

Victoria Tough

Victoria Tough

Victoria Tough
Waterloo Varsity Figure Skating

For the last five years, Victoria Tough has been part of the Waterloo Varsity Figure Skating team here at the University.

“It’s important to remember that your university experience is about the accumulation of things that you learn, and that won’t always be inside the classroom,” Tough says.

Tough recommends every student to broaden their experience by participating in extra-curricular activities that can bring joy to a person. Tough adds, “That is the key in making your university experience the best it can be.”

“Try new things or old things, or things [that] you’re already good at,” Tough says. She explains that any activity that can make you feel happy and strong — is an activity worth trying. “The lessons and connections that you gain from these experiences will always be worth it.”

Tough is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in biology.

Sydney Wilson

Sydney Wilson

Sydney Wilson
Waterloo Women's Varsity Basketball

Sydney Wilson reflects on her undergraduate experience as both a Faculty of Applied Health Sciences student and the guard for Waterloo Women’s Varsity Basketball team.

“It’s not always as simple as going to class or practice,” Wilson says. “It’s about going beyond what’s expected from your professors, coaches and teammates to become the best version of yourself.”

Wilson explains how appreciative and grateful she is about her university experience, remembering all the unforgettable memories and relationships that she created during her undergraduate studies.

Navigating through university can become difficult to overcome, but Wilson believes that the adversity and challenging times will give students so much more to be proud of when they have accomplishments to reflect on.

“Looking back at my time at [the University of Waterloo], I learned a lot in school academically,” Wilson says. “But I learned more about myself and developed transferable skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life.”

Wilson is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation.

Lautaro Frecha

Lautaro Frecha

Lautaro Frecha
Waterloo Varsity Football

For the last five years, Lautaro Frecha has managed to balance his academic career while attending practices, travelling for football games across the country, and playing in home events as one of the many double back players for Waterloo’s Varsity Football team.

“To me, being a [Waterloo] Warrior is to expect nothing but greatness,” Frecha says. “The amount of smart, well rounded people at [the University of Waterloo] influences success and has prepared me to attack everything with confidence.”

Frecha provides incoming students with advice on taking advantage of the resources provided by the University. Frecha adds, “By enrolling at Waterloo, you are given opportunities that are not offered at any other school. Get involved as much as you can!”

Frecha is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies.