On March 5, eight local charities pitched their organization’s story and impact at the Perfect Pitch 2024 event, presented by the philanthropic organization, Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region (SVPWR). The Perfect Pitch workshop series provided each charity with a team of dedicated coaches, including University of Waterloo alumni, who offered personal coaching, practice opportunities and feedback, all leading up to their final pitch at Federation Hall.  

More than 350 members of the Waterloo region came together to hear and support the eight participating charities, who received an equal portion of the $46,000 in sponsorship revenue and the ticket revenue split based on the audience vote. At the end of the event, the audience got to vote for their preferred pitch and Oak Bridge Academy received the audience choice award. 

At Waterloo, our deep connection and commitment to our local region and community traces back to our founding. Waterloo grads mobilize knowledge and solutions out into the world into their workplaces, to the businesses and ventures they create, and to the communities they live in. Many of our alumni are building connections through volunteer and philanthropy, supporting charities and organizations that are solving problems within our local communities. 

Waterloo alumni attend the Perfect Pitch event presented by Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region

Waterloo alumni attend the Perfect Pitch 2024 event, from left to right: Daniel Hussey (BES '10), Amanda Verhoeve Stevens (BSc '08), Jessica Bondy (BA ’08 and MA ’11), Dave Kroetsch (BASc ’02 and MASc ’07), Mike Pereira (MEDI '23), and Matt Stevens (BASc '04 and PhD '08). With Bondy's student, Dylan, from Oak Bridge Academy in the front.

“One of the things that we do at Social Venture Partners is we believe in a model where we donate time, talent and treasury,” said Daniel Hussey (BES ’10), a board member at SVPWR and a managing partner at Hussey Philanthropic Consulting. 

In 2019, Hussey was looking for a way to get reconnected within the Waterloo community after moving back from Toronto. He discovered the Perfect Pitch event and since then, Hussey has been co-facilitating all the coaching sessions for charities at SVPWR and is a proud sponsor of this year’s event. 

“You can give back through your talent, so that could be your skill set — the thing that you do professionally or as a hobby.  Most charities need help within the areas of HR, finances or events, and would need volunteers. Lastly, you can make a financial contribution. Everybody has different financial circumstances and truly it's about giving what you deem as meaningful.” 

Eight local charities and their impact in the community 


SVPWR is a group of changemakers who supports 68 not-for-profit organizations across Waterloo region and is fueled by the skills of volunteers. The organization invests their talent and time to help empower and scale innovative organizations within the region to become sustainable.

Whether it’s through volunteer or philanthropy, Waterloo students, staff, faculty and alumni can visit the SVPWR website, where they can help you connect with people and organizations that share your passion for creating lasting social impact.