This weekend, over 4,000 alumni returned to campus to participate in a traditional convocation ceremony.

In recognition of their unique experience at Waterloo, local artist Nicole Beno was commissioned to create an art piece that symbolized the unique memories, knowledge and friendships of each alumnus.

The keepsake was presented to each alumnus after they walked across the stage, and contains the signature of the artist with a unique print number.

For those unable to attend the celebrations this weekend, we have made a digital version of the keepsake available as a PDF download.

The piece is meant to be printed 8" x 8".
Standard 8x8 picture frames can be used with this piece.

Nicole Beno standing overtop Keepsake in development

The process

Nicole Beno in studio

Nicole Beno is a local artist and designer working in between digital media, collage and screen printing. You can see more of her work here: or follow her on Instagram.