When Ian Evans (BES ’14, MSc ’17) graduated, giving back to the University of Waterloo wasn’t a priority. Today, he’s a passionate donor who chooses to give back monthly. Below, he shares what changed his mind and the practical reasons why he joined the monthly giving program.

What prompted you to become a donor to the University of Waterloo?

After graduating, I was initially unwilling to become a donor. Ultimately, what changed my mind was the understanding of how much UW, and publicly funded Canadian universities in general, rely on donations from alumni. This is something that is very poorly understood by the public whose perceptions are coloured by the wealth of American universities like Harvard.

 I have a solid career thanks to my time at Waterloo, and I became a donor to ensure that others would be able to get the same benefits and opportunities that come with a degree from the University.

Why does monthly giving work best for you?

It’s more manageable for my budget to give a small amount on a regular basis rather than a larger amount at the end of the year when I have a lot of competing expenses related to the holiday season.

Why do you think it’s important to support your University community?

A person’s success is always partly attributable to community support. I have benefited from the Waterloo community, including from the support of previous alumni. Now that I am an alumni it’s my turn to support the next generation.