Even at the young age of seven, Jackson is well aware there are plenty of unknowns when it comes to the universe. He’s eager to discuss supernovas, what makes up the universe and gets visibly excited over the prospect of what — or whom — might exist behind a black hole.

I love outer space and the universe, the stars and planets like Jupiter. I think scientists have the best job because they ask questions and then tell us what they found. And then I think maybe I can do that when I’m bigger. That would be pretty cool.

JACKSON, Challenge Champion

To help the Waterloo Centre for Astrophysics educate other kids like him through public outreach, Jackson donated a portion of his astronaut piggy bank: $11.57.

Jackson and Dr. Brian McNamara are Challenge Champions for Science Challenge #1. When $8,000 in gifts have been made to the Waterloo Centre for Astrophysics Fund, an extra $1,011.57 will be unlocked.