Ajoa Mintah (BASc ’01) has always been a maker. The founder of Four All Ice Cream spends her days whipping up sweet treats to evoke childhood memories and delight the most discerning foodies.

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But before she made her mark on Waterloo region’s culinary scene, Ajoa built a more conventional career as an engineer and consultant. The work was interesting and stable, and over time, Ajoa rose through the ranks. Still, she felt like she needed something… more.

In this clip, Ajoa discusses how constraints have allowed her to focus her creativity:

On our new podcast, Uncharted: Warriors in the World, Ajoa takes listeners on her journey from engineer to entrepreneur. She talks about the need to be creative, and how sometimes, doing the safe thing can help you build your dream career.

Claire Mastrangelo interviews Ajoa Mintah

This is chemical engineering on my terms and in a fun, creative outlet.”

Ajoa Mintah, Founder, Four All Ice Cream