There’s a word everyone uses when they talk about a great entrepreneur. The thing that helps them pull through the long days, the rejection and self-doubt. The thing that keeps them going when others might give up.

That word is “hustle,” and for Marc Lafleur (BSc ’14), it’s a way of life. 

Marc joined us on the Uncharted podcast to talk about the moments that inspired him to follow unconventional paths, and the takeaways he’s found in both failure and success.

The co-founder and CEO of truLOCAL connects Canadians to local farmers through his meat subscription service, which has garnered support from investors including Dragon’s Den star Michele Romanow.

Marc Lafleur (BSc ’14) talks about his first foray into business.

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Read this Q&A for more of Marc’s insights into meat, farming and life as an entrepreneur. Also, check out this rap we played on the podcast, which helped truLOCAL win a grant from FedEx.