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When Swati Matta (BCS '10)  came to Waterloo to study bioinformatics, and knew that she wanted to work in health care. She also wanted to start a company someday.

Some young, ambitious grads jump into their dream job right away. Getting thrown into the thick of things can be great. But for Swati, it was better to take one step at a time. After years of work in the health tech world, and an MBA, she was ready to take the leap and start her own company.

Her startup is a direct result of this patient approach. Born out of her expertise in digital health and her frustrating experience with pre-natal research, Koble is a platform for expecting and new parents, offering vital services and credible information. Swati joins the podcast to talk about each step in her career journey, and her future hopes for family health care.

Show notes

(2:01) Swati explains each career step, starting with co-op

(5:53) Why do an MBA?

(7:08) What is Koble?

(8:20) Creating a product for the modern family

(13:20) A personalized product for family decision-making

(14:40) What can parents expect from Koble?

(17:05) How can we better support birthing people and families?

Mentions and links

Koble: Learn more about Swati's company and their services for new families. (Use the code KOBLE40OFF for a discount on the annual membership.)

Women in Tech: Read the Q&A where Swati shares her perspective as a female tech founder