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Can you point to an experience that defined your career path? For Rahim Thawer (BA '08), it was an elective course — SMF 208, taught at St Jerome's. It's a Sexuality, Marriage and Family course that dives into therapies and systemic oppression. For Rahim, this was a key moment in his education, and set him on a career path in social work.

Rahim joined the podcast to share how his student experiences influenced his career. We talked about that fateful SMF class, the St. Jerome's community and how Rahim's involvement with Glow changed his life. Plus he shared some inspiring projects that he's working on today.

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Show notes

(1:47) Finding sanctuary at St. Jerome's University College

(2:28) The course that changed Rahim's career path

(6:00) Rahim shares how he approaches that course as an instructor today

(7:49) "Teaching is also a learning experience for me"

(9:26) Life-changing experiences at the Glow Centre

(12:42) "Existing is resisting"

(14:58) Rahim shares the "linear" trajectory of his career, and how it flowed from Glow and Waterloo

(17:13) Why become an educator too?

(18:35) The truth of how Rahim started a podcast

(23:03) Rahim shares how his upcoming book relates to the podcast

(25:44) Other writing from Rahim, past and upcoming

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