Hello, friends!

I’m Laurin, and I am entering my second year working towards my Masters of Science in Physiotherapy (PT) at the University of Toronto as a Co-President of the PT Student Association. While I’m painted blue, I still bleed black and gold! I graduated from Waterloo in 2018 with my BSc in Kinesiology with a minor in Rehabilitation Sciences with co-op.

Waterloo alumnus Laurin Black

Today, I’ll be sharing with you the top five things I learned as a Warrior that I still rely on today!

  1. Network. Waterloo showed me the importance of connecting with professionals in my field and professors as soon as possible. The connections I made helped to propel me to where I am today with exposure to new job opportunities, reference letters, and career advice. Even after graduation, I still meet up with some of my Waterloo professors to catch up and ask for advice!

  1. Say “yes.” New opportunity coming your way? Say “yes.” Does it make you feel a little uncomfortable? Then say “yes” even louder! Whether it’s getting involved in a student society, taking a job offer in a new location, or a new opportunity to volunteer, take the chance and learn from the experience whether it be positive or negative.
  2. Also say “no.” I often found that with an abundance of opportunities, it can be easy to say “yes” to everything without considering the toll it will take on you further down the road. It is completely okay to turn down certain opportunities in order to excel in others. You can’t pour from an empty cup! Make sure you are full in order to give to others.
  1. Meal. Prep. Simple as that. Saves money, saves time, and is (typically) a healthier option for you. It can also help you to be more present on a day to day basis! Here is a good resource to get you started.
  1. You are more than a title. Pursue your hobbies, learn new skills, spend time with friends and loved ones, or develop yourself personally. There is much more to you as a person than a title you have achieved.

While at Waterloo, I learned many lessons beyond the four walls of a lecture hall that helped contribute to my success now. Waterloo provided me with the opportunity to grow in so many ways — thank UWaterloo!

Laurin Black (BSc ’18) is a proud alumnus of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences. She is an active volunteer who has given her time to support a range of wellness and community programs.