Every day, we see headlines about natural disasters, political unrest, conflict and other difficult circumstances that disrupt lives around the world. For many, those disruptions impede their education. 

On August 1, 2023, the University of Waterloo embarked on an appeal to help students whose education has been interrupted. Our goal is ambitious: to raise $100,000 to the Global Emergency Student Relief Fund by September 30. Gifts to the fund ensure that students from around the world can continue their education in a safe and supportive environment at UWaterloo. The fund helps to cover costs associated with hosting undergraduate and graduate students, including tuition, accommodation, essential travel and academic activities.  

The Global Emergency Student Relief Fund first launched in 2022. With its first fundraising appeal, our donor community generously contributed more than $133,000. Thanks to their support, the University welcomed 34 students from the Ukraine, whose studies were interrupted by the ongoing war in their country. 

Antonia RudakovaFor graduate student Antonina Rudakova, studying at UWaterloo is a dream: "Without donors to this fund, I couldn’t even leave my country. They took care of our flight, our accommodation, they gave us this opportunity, which is unbelievable. It’s like a dream!" 

With the current appeal, we can extend the same opportunity to students across the globe. The University of Waterloo can be more than a school — we can offer a second chance for students to gain the education they need to build fruitful careers.  

We hope you’ll join us.