Five researchers at the University of Waterloo were named Canada Research Chairs (CRC) today.

Professor Raymond Laflamme, executive director of the Institute for Quantum Computing at Waterloo, sees his CRC renewed for $1.4 million over seven years. His research on controlling quantum systems using quantum error correction is critical to the development of robust new quantum technologies. Harnessing the power of technologies at the atomic scale requires mechanisms to control these fragile, yet powerful behaviours.

“We can’t make sense of quantum phenomena with traditional laws of physics, but with quantum laws we can understand, predict, and control quantum systems to develop the next generation of information technologies,” said Laflamme. “The CRC renewal provides me with perhaps the most precious resource – time – which is essential to continue our progress in the complex and constantly evolving quantum world.”

The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science, today announced a total investment of $5.2 million for Waterloo in key research areas of environment and energy, mechatronic vehicle systems, graph theory, and algorithm design.

“Besides the extremely valuable time that’s required to focus on research, the CRC program provides researchers with the opportunity to train the next generation of emerging academics and achieve international recognition in their fields,” said D. George Dixon, vice-president, university research at Waterloo. “The program supports Waterloo’s goal of attracting and retaining outstanding and innovative world-class researchers that will have a profound impact on the world we live in.”

The four other Waterloo researchers included in today's announcement:

  • Professor Sarah Burch, Geography and Environmental Management – new Tier 2 CRC in Sustainability, Governance, and Innovation  –  $500,000 over five years

Professor Burch will examine how cities address climate change and transition toward resilient, low-carbon development while investigating new ways of governing sustainability challenges and entrepreneurs as sources of innovation.

  • Professor Amir Khajepour, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering – renewed Tier 1 CRC in Mechatronic Vehicle Systems – $1.4 million over seven years

Professor Khajepour will investigate new mechatronics concepts to create innovative systems in order to develop new technologies in holistic vehicle control, urban vehicles, anti-idling systems, and improve the efficiency of internal combustion engines.

  • Professor Ian Munro, David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science – renewed Tier 1 CRC in Algorithm Design – $1.4 million over seven years

Professor Munro will create information system techniques to address time and space constraints and use advanced problem-solving algorithms to improve the way data is organized.

  • Professor Luke Postle, Combinatorics and Optimization – new Tier 2 CRC in Graph Theory – $500,000 over five years

Professor Postle will study the structural, topological, and chromatic properties of graphs with a goal of developing applications in areas such as computer science, communication, and transportation.

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