"Dr Vivek Goel is a leader for our times that we live in.  His experience, accomplishments, perspectives and passion to make a difference will suit the University of Waterloo very well as we enter a new chapter in growing what is already an incredibly innovative university."

Jagdeep Bachher, Community-at-Large Member of the Board

"Dr. Vivek Goel is the right leader at the right time for the University of Waterloo. He is passionate about the fundamental role of PSE in society—both now in our current crisis, and also to address broader global challenges, including inequities, sustainability, the environment. He believes Waterloo is uniquely positioned to play a prominent role in improving society through our innovations in teaching, experiential learning, and research. Dr. Goel recognizes the value of all members of our Waterloo community—students, faculty, and staff—and is committed to respect, equity, and inclusion for all. I’m excited about Dr. Goel joining our community!"

Catherine Newell Kelly, Regular Staff Representative

"Dr Goel is uniquely positioned to help us achieve our ambition, as expressed in our strategic plan, to solve humanity’s biggest challenges. Born of his experience in both SARS and the current Covid pandemic, he believes that human health intersects with human behavior and the resulting impact on our environment and climate change. He also believes that interdisciplinary scholarship is needed to address these challenges. Further he also sees that this intersectionality extends to technology. These ideas are fundamental to the University of Waterloo’s strategic plan and to Dr. Goel’s life’s work."

Peter Barr, Community-at-Large Member of the Board

"The University of Waterloo could not have chosen a better next president than Vivek Goel to bring the community together and steer the institution in these unprecedented times.  With years of expertise at various levels of university leadership, he upholds a holistic approach to teaching and research. His presidency will strengthen the University’s positive impacts on many generations to come and open an incredibly rich prospect of projects around public health and sustainable environments that will span disciplines and nations."

Anne Bordeleau, Faculty Senator Representative on the Board

"I am delighted to support the selection of Dr. Vivek Goel as the incoming president of the University of Waterloo. In addition to his strong credentials as an academic and university administrator, Dr. Goel greatly impressed me with his ability to develop innovative ideas to solve complex problems, operationalize these ideas to implement and deliver solutions and also engage meaningfully and collaboratively with multiple stakeholders. In a rapidly changing environment for post-secondary education, Dr. Goel’s values, leadership style and commitment to global impact align perfectly with delivering on the strategic priorities of the university over the next five years."

Upkar Arora, Board Governor and member of the Presidential Nominating Committee

"Goel has a unique appreciation for inter-disciplinarity.  Having been at the crux of public health for decades, where the complex technical, economic, social, health, political and other disciplines have been critical to recognize and embed in solutions, Goel is perfectly placed for bringing the University of Waterloo’s diverse strengths together to solve mighty world problems."

Ellen MacEachen, Applied Health Sciences Senator of Professorial Rank