On behalf of the staff and faculty of the University of Waterloo, I am looking forward to welcoming our graduates and their family, friends and supporters to convocation.  

To our graduates, my heartfelt congratulations. Convocation ceremonies recognize your hard-work and perseverance during your time at the University of Waterloo. You cross the stage having gained more than the lessons learned in the classroom, library or lab. You have built relationships and forged networks with peers and instructors. Those connections are the basis of a vibrant and expansive community at the heart of our institution’s rich history and its success to date. As you transition from student to alumni, I hope you each will continue to stay connected to the Waterloo community.

To the family, friends, and supporters of our graduates, thank you.  Thank you for supporting our students and encouraging them along their academic journey.  These ceremonies are more meaningful as a result of everyone’s participation.  

In the 1950s, the founders of the University of Waterloo sought to establish a university that was different. An institution that embraced community and an unconventional way of identifying and solving big, complex challenges facing the world. That same spirit exists across our campuses today. It also continues through the work of our global network of alumni. The graduates leaving our campuses today have the opportunity to lead and be change-makers who can help address the challenges of tomorrow and build a better future for humanity and our planet. 

Waterloo graduates are known for integrating knowledge and problem-solving across disciplines. They are known for their courage and resiliency. Above all, they are known for approaching challenges in unique ways and uncovering innovative solutions. I look forward to hearing about the innovations and impact these graduates will have on their communities in the future.

Convocation is a wonderful reminder that we all have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to positively impact those around us. Let’s all work together to help shape the world for the better.

On behalf of the University of Waterloo, I wish our graduates the best of luck in the journey ahead.