"This is a tremendous day for Professor Strickland and needless to say a tremendous day for the University of Waterloo. This is Waterloo’s first Nobel laureate and the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics in 55 years." 

Feridun Hamdullahpur, president and vice-chancellor of the University of Waterloo 

"I was thrilled to hear that Dr. Strickland, associate professor at the physics department of the University of Waterloo, will share the Nobel Prize in physics. Today is a big day for Physics in Canada! This is obviously a proud day for me as an alumnus of UW and we should all be proud of our work supporting Physics in Canada. We use Dr. Strickland's discovery in so many of our experiments today in the Quantum Valley, not to mention laser surgery, eye surgery, cancer treatment as well as all areas of industrial design, manufacturing and production, and countless other precision uses. What wonderful recognition and a very much deserved award for Dr. Strickland. " 

Mike Lazaridis (DEng ’00), Principal of Quantum Valley Investments® and University of Waterloo Chancellor Emeritus

“Donna Strickland exemplifies research excellence at Waterloo. Her groundbreaking work is a testament to the importance of fundamental research as it has established the foundation for laser-based technologies that we see today from micromachining to laser eye surgery.” 

Charmaine Dean, vice-president research at the University of Waterloo

"Today is an exciting day for the Faculty of Science at the University of Waterloo. We have immense pride in the recognition of Donna Strickland as a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2018.  Donna is a consummate collaborator and ambassador for Physics and we look forward to her continued collaboration with colleagues as Waterloo grows its strength in laser optics research.” 

Bob Lemieux, dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Waterloo