Centre for Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (CPAMI)

Conducting multidisciplinary research and development activities in areas related to intelligent systems and data analysis, like human-machine interaction, pattern recognition and image analysis and co-operative intelligent systems.

Intelligent Human-Machine Systems - 3D Imaging Lab

Design and development of new sensors, fusion of sensory information, human-machine interfaces for intelligent systems, and human-assistive robotic/orthotic systems.


Knowledge Inference in Medical Image Analysis (KIMIA Lab)

Searching for knowledge in BIG image data - extracting knowledge from large medical image archives by designing smart search, classification and annotation technologies.

Vision and Image Processing Lab 

Research group dedicated to understanding visual processes and finding solutions for the outstanding problems in image and video processing and intelligent systems.


Working to identify and seize opportunities to lead in new and emerging areas, to enable conditions that support excellence and impact and to increase interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary research in Artificial Intelligence.