Advancing Flood Resiliency in Canadian Communities

Who we are

Partners for Action is an applied research network dedicated to reducing the risk of flood damage and advancing flood resiliency in Canadian communities.

Why our work is important

Across Canada, damage from extreme weather has cost taxpayers and insurers almost $10 billion since 1998. Water-related damage is now the leading cause of home-insurance claims in many communities, large and small. Municipal governments, the insurance industry, researchers, and the public are coming together to better understand what we can do to lower that number in the future, and focus on preventing flood damage, rather than cleanup.

What is a resilient community?

Flood resiliency involves the promotion of flood awareness and preparedness, as well as strategies to adapt to and to prevent flooding events. 

A resilient community uses a combination of structural (such as dams and berms) and non-structural (such as policies, plans, and procedures) adaptation strategies and learns from past disasters in order to minimize the impacts of flooding and recover quickly.

  1. May 5, 2020Read our new policy brief on property buyouts and the effectiveness of managed retreat
    flooded street

    Managed Retreat from High-risk Flood Areas: Design Considerations for Effective Property Buyout Programs

    "Managed retreat through property buyouts is widely regarded as an effective disaster risk reduction strategy. Designing property buyout programs involves several key policy considerations, which ideally balance efficiency, social acceptability and political feasibility.

  2. Mar. 24, 2020P4A's 2019 Annual Report is now available
    2019 annual report page

  3. Jan. 16, 2020 P4A awarded research grant
    flooded street

     P4A awarded funding for research on effective property buyout programs

    Partners for Action was awarded a research grant from Max Bell Foundation to explore effective property buyout programs.

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In 2018, Partners for Action developed a guide with Reep Green Solutions to engage communities on progressive stormwater management. The RAIN Smart Framework for Municipalities includes ready-to-use templates and resources on how to build a program to engage a residential neighborhood on lot-level stormwater management. rain smart framework for municipalities