What is Partners for Action (P4A)?

Partners for Action (P4A) is an applied research network
advancing flood resiliency in Canada in the face of a changing
climate and extreme weather. P4A's collaborative approach brings
together diverse stakeholders to create and share knowledge,
address information needs, and drive action. P4A is based out of the Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo, with founding support provided by The Co-operators Group Ltd. and Farm Mutual Re.

P4A's mandate is to facilitate increased risk awareness and improved decision making to help Canadian communities become more resilient to flooding. We fulfill our mandate through:

  • Facilitating collaboration between researchers, governments, businesses, and non-governmental organizations;
  • Conducting innovative, practical research and fostering relationships to fund such research;
  • Sharing results and best practices, including measurable activities to reduce risk of flooding; and,
  • Informing Canadians about their flood risk, actions they can take to reduce their risk, and opportunities for risk transfer, such as insurance.