How can you get involved?

We have the science and tools to reduce flood risk for Canadians, now. Let’s take action, together.

Partners for Action (P4A) Stakeholder Group


Our Stakeholder Group is comprised of a diverse set of experts including representatives from financial institutions, federal, provincial, municipal and indigenous governments, flood risk and emergency management experts, professional associations, businesses and the legal community.

We invite you to join our Stakeholder Group, to lend your voice to P4A as a technical expert, a practitioner, a researcher, a funder, or someone with an interest in making our communities stronger in the face of climate change.

The role of the Stakeholder Group will be to provide subject matter expertise and advice to P4A, with responsibilities as follows:

  • Participate in P4A meetings or events and assist with the discussion, either because of particular expertise and interest, or because of unique appreciation of newly emerging research or partnerships relevant to the work of P4A;
  • Provide individual advice to the director as requested based on subject matter expertise and especially regarding the cost-effectiveness, technical feasibility and potential impact of proposed P4A actions; and,
  • Offer suggestions and advice on opportunities to disseminate and communicate P4A’s work (i.e., material distribution, director speaking opportunities, etc.).

See our current and past research projects.