Canadian Coastal Resilience Forum

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Transforming risk knowledge into action

lighthouseStorm surges, eroding coastlines and sea level rise pose threats to economic and social well-being in Canada’s coastal communities. Despite government efforts to adapt to a changing climate, there are currently issues that coastal communities are facing when reducing existing risks (e.g., residential property buy-outs in flood-prone; property risk disclosure). 

The Canadian Coastal Resilience Forum (CCRF)—a MEOPAR community of practice—was established to identify opportunities for policy change and cross-sector collaboration that facilitate disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. The CCRF is a community of practice focused on strengthening social resilience to natural hazards and climate change in Canada’s coastal regions. 

The CCRF's mission is to:

Facilitate knowledge-sharing across sectors, institutions and disciplines and identify institutional, policy, regulatory, legal, economic, planning, and development strategies for reducing and managing natural hazard risks facing Canadian coastal regions.

The CCRF is a growing community and we’re looking to engage those with expertise in coastal zone management, disaster risk reduction, and climate change adaptation. We’ll be hosting webinars and events throughout the year. To be involved, visit the website:

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