Partners for Action (P4A) - Building Collaborative Networks

Friday, December 8, 2017

Building collaborative networks

Partners for Action (P4A) is featured on the Global Index Insurance Facility website in the document Partners for Action (P4A) - Building Collaborative Networks. This document highlights P4A's role in building collaborative networks, as the research network continues to bring diverse partners together towards improving flood risk management in Canada. 

Key P4A highlights include:

  • Research on flood risk awareness among Canadians, including the roles of individuals, government, and insurers in protecting our communities and recovering from flood events. 

  • Research on what our communities need to protect themselves from flooding, including producing flood risk maps for one Canadian city. 

  • Major national media exposure on flooding, with over 150 TV, radio, print and Internet appearances. 

  • Engagement and outreach, including speaking at national conferences on flood risk, insurance and climate change, and working collaboratively with our stakeholder group, comprised of over 150 organizations and 800 individuals. 

Learn more about P4A's projects and work that are helping to create a flood risk-aware Canada.

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