Flood Risk & Homeowner Awareness

Canadian Voices on Changing Flood Risk: Findings from a National Survey

Extreme weather events, such as heavy rain and flooding, are happening more frequently across the country. Although the risk of floods may be on the rise, risk awareness from homeowners seems to be at a standstill. We surveyed 2,300 Canadians from across the country who live in designated flood risk areas, and found that, in general, Canadians are not aware of their flood risks and are unprepared for flooding events. The survey results shine light on this lack of risk awareness and stress the importance of developing better flood management policy in Canada.

What did we learn?

  • Due to rising costs, the federal and provincial governments are finding ways to reduce flood risks and share responsibility for protection and recovery with Canadian homeowners.
  • Canadians are ready to take on a greater role in flood protection — 83% believe that homeowners are responsible for personal protection.
  • Despite this sense of duty, less than 30% of Canadians are taking actions to protect their property from flooding and show limited interest in flood insurance.
  • This inaction is a result of a gap in flood risk awareness. Only 6% know they live in a designated flood risk area, and only 21% believe that the risk of flooding will increase over the next 25 years.
  • Canadians need and want more information to be actively engaged in flood management and protected from flood risks. There is a major opportunity for transparent information sharing.
  • Over 90% of homeowners think that flood maps should be made publicly available, sellers of property should be required to disclose flood risk, and property owners should be notified if their home is located in a flood risk area.

What do we recommend?

  1. Governments must inform Canadians about what is expected of them, what could happen to them if a flood occurs, and which actions are best for their home.
  2. A national flood risk strategy should be developed that encourages property-level flood protection by communicating the risks of flooding for homeowners through publicly available flood risk maps and disclosure during real estate transactions.
  3. Governments, insurers and homeowners should work together to develop policies that ensure insurance is available by sharing financial responsibility for flood damage in high risk areas.

What next?

Collaborative communication and education is needed to effectively fill the gap in risk awareness, correct confusion over flood protection and recovery, and ensure that homeowners are better prepared and informed about the impacts of floods. Knowledge leads to action, and with better education, communication, and flood-related information, homeowners will gain a better understanding about their role in managing flood risk in their communities.

Canadian Voices on Changing Flood Risk: Findings from a National Survey (PDF)

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